From aspen to yard brushes and everything inbetween

There are many items we can make use of at Wetheriggs. We get through a huge amount of food and goods on a weekly basis, and donations can truly help us. Below is a list of items we regularly use or need.
















If you have anything to donate, you can drop them off any day from 10am. Just pop into the main building and see a staff member. If you are unsure if any donations and would like to check if we can accept them please give us a call on 01833 627444 or 07764 352835.

Amazon Wish List

Did you know we have our own Amazon Wish List which displays a list of items we frequently use or can help us out with our daily jobs. Purchasing any item from the wish list is simple. Just order it like you would with any other item on Amazon, then the item will be dispatched directly to us, so you don't need to worry about arranging delivery or collection. Just click the link below to check out the list and place an order.


Hay & hay nets

Wet dog & cat food

Rabbit food

Rodent food (rat, mouse etc)

ferret biscuits

Hen corn

Layers pellets

Course mix

Parrot food

Budgie seed

Chick crumbs

Live food (crickets, locusts, mealworms)


Shovels & forks

Yard brushes

Dustpan & brushes

Metal scrapers

Sponges & cloths

Cleaning sprays


Hand soap

Washing up liquid




Wood shavings


Reptile bark






Hutches & cages

Horse & donkey head collars

Lead ropes

Grooming brushes/combs


Heat lamps

Feed & water bowls

Reptile UV lights

Power & hand tools

Nails, screws etc